As a full-service artificial intelligence and machine learning consulting company, we engage with clients at different stages of their AI adoption journeys and assist them in the following ways:

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Custom AI Solutions

We conduct AI-driven research, developing and deploying custom solutions designed to successfully address key business challenges.

Our research aims to explore and develop new ideas and deep learning models that deliver a strong ROI and competitive advantage for our clients.

Throughout the process, we generate valuable intellectual property that is transferred to our client’s team upon successful completion and deployment of the project.

As a business, our industry-leading team and proprietary methodology reduces the risks and costs traditionally associated with moonshot projects.

What We Do

Building & Augmenting In-House Teams

 We help build and support your in-house data science team, providing industry-leading expertise to champion key AI and machine learning initiatives for your business.

We provide an extensive range of AI, ML, Data Science and software development services to help augment your existing team. This includes infrastructure model development, deployment and maintenance of advanced AI/ML systems.

We help analyze and redefine your existing workflows, identifying AI use cases and prioritizing and devising new strategies for deploying and scaling AI.

We produce and hand over intellectual property as part of every project, generating positive returns and new business opportunities for our clients.

If you do not have an in-house data science team, we can help set one up on your behalf. This includes identifying key roles and responsibilities and assisting with interviewing and onboarding to ensure team members successfully maintain and advance the models we develop for you.  


We utilize a four‑stage approach with every project.



We collaborate with your team to understand core business challenges, identifying opportunities to improve or resolve the problem.


We use data science, AI and machine learning to develop a proprietary solution dedicated to solving your challenge.


We test the solution, assessing and measuring our ability to improve or completely resolve the problem.


We integrate the solution with your network, monitoring and refining the model to ensure consistent performance and success.


Moonshots Worth Celebrating

Automating document review with 98% accuracy

We used Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate the internal review of RFPs, RFIs and security questionnaires, reducing time and costs associated with the process.

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Optimizing product placements in print flyers to maximize revenue

We combined a convolutional neural network with a custom region proposal network that provides key insights on how to maximize revenue with flyer layout, with a double-digit return expected within the first two years.

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Saving $80K+ with employee FAQ generation

We built an NLP-based neural network designed to automate question generation, saving $80K+ in the first year for one of Canada’s leading HR software businesses.

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