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Crater Labs fuels demanding AI projects with Pure Storage

September 13, 2023

Crater Labs is a Canadian AI and Machine Learning research lab, which is made up of academic researchers, application developers and experienced business executives. Typically it works closely with organizations that likely already have experience working with AI/ML models, but need support in scaling these models to solve larger scale problems that will have benefits 2 to 3 years down the line.

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Canada’s Recovery Hinges On Its Digital Transformation

September 21, 2020

While we may naturally miss the “good old days,” the digital acceleration ushered in by COVID-19 provides an opportunity for enterprises to finally commit to new engagement models and realize the potential of entering new markets.

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Canadian Company Helps Others ‘Shoot for the Moon’

September 4, 2020

I had the opportunity to ask Khalid Eidoo, co-founder and CEO of Crater Labs, about his business, the technology it uses, and the kinds of ‘moonshot’ projects that most interest Crater Labs.

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How FlashBlade Helps AI Expert Crater Labs Make Impossible Possible

September 3, 2020

To be able to tackle "moonshots" — seemingly insurmountable problems — for its customers, Crater Labs needed better storage to keep up with demand. The answer: Pure Storage's FlashBlade.

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